Different gilsonite products for your specific needs

Gilsocol® GP – General Purpose OBM Shale and Fluid Loss Control [Product Data Sheet]

Gilsocol® DG – HTHP Filtration Control for Water-based Muds [Product Data Sheet]

Super G – High Temperature gilsonite for Oil Base Drilling Fluids [Product Data Sheet]

Chemjet supplies gilsonite / asphaltite

We control the entire process of removing the raw ore from our mines in Colombia, shipping to our production plant west of Houston for processing, packaging and then ultimately shipping to our customers.

Asphaltite / gilsonite is primarily known for being mined in Utah, but in recent history, more mines and reserves have been discovered across the world with superior results. Our Gilsocol® that is mined in Colombia has been tested for its physical properties and has gone through the process of screen analysis.

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