Inquire About These Products

Jet® Xan L: Liquid xanthan slurries available in multiple product concentrations.

Jet® Zan 375G: Glycol-based liquid xanthan slurries available in multiple product concentrations.

Jet® Vis: Liquid HEC slurries available in multiple product concentrations.

Jet® Space III: Highly concentrated cleaning spacer with strong water wetting characteristics.

Jet® Kleen 550: Environmentally friendly wellbore cleaner.

Jet® Kleen 500: Rig Wash, surface cleaning concentrate.

Jet® Drill MD: Drilling Mud Detergent.

Jet® Cide 250: Glutaraldehyde based biocide.

Jet® Hib 5426: Filming amine for both C02 and H2S corrosion.

Jet® Hib 5431: Drilling Corrosion Inhibitor for use in water-based drilling systems effective against O2, CO2, and H2S corrosion.

Jet® Hib 5434: Corrosion inhibitor and oxygen scavenger for non-sodium based systems…forms amine and bisulfite film.

Jet® Hib 5434B: Corrosion inhibitor, biocide, and oxygen scavenger for sodium based systems.

Jet® Treat 250: Anti-Foulant brine soluble with excellent corrosion and biocidal properties.

Jet® Hib 5560: Acid Corrosion Inhibitor – Medium to High Temperature.

Jet® D Foam SI: Silicone based defoamer.

Jet® No Foam: Glycol based defoamer.

Jet® D Foam A: Alcohol based defoamer.

Jet® EB LT: Low Temperature Encapsulated breaker.

Jet® EB HT: High Temperature Encapsulated breaker.