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Please review our list below of current surplus inventories.

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PNProduct NameDescriptionQtyUoMPackaging
1039Divinyl Styrene Copolymer Beads20-300 micron (fine)53,950lbsbulk or 50 lb bags
1040Divinyl Styrene Copolymer Beads300-800 micron (coarse)132,203lbsbulk or 50 lb bags
1042High temperature Encapsulated Gel BreakerEncapsulated Ammonium Persulfate delayed release gel breaker120each25 kg (6 gal) poly pail
1056Jet Floc 1980Anionic med-low MW, freshwater dewatering polymer for solid control in aqueous fluids50,000lbs25 kg bags
1101Jet Organo Clay 300Amine treated bentonite for non-aqueous fluids2,000each50 lb bags
1110Jet Floc ProCationic High MW, dewatering polymer for solid control in aqueous fluids containing high chloride levels32,000lbs25 kg bags
1121Sulfonated AsphaltFluid loss/shale inhibitor160,000lbsSuper Sacs
1125THPS 75%etrakis (hydrixymethyl) phosphonium sulfate for water treatment18,516lbsbulk
1133AristonatePilot, high-molecular weight, low-foaming, emulsifier and corrosion inhibitor additive for drilling lubricants34,600lbsbulk
1187Sipernat D-13Silica Flow Agent / dry defoamer775lbsbulk
1190CMC-HVHi-vis 85% purity carboxy methyl cellulose99each50 lb bags
1191CMC-LVLo-vis 85% purity carboxy methyl cellulose24,000lbs50 lb bags
1195GraphiteCummings Moore - Dry Lubricant, -200 Mesh60,350lbsbulk
1201SMO-80Sorbitan mono oleate5,840lbs55 gal drums
1205Petroleum CokePetroleum Coke 40-100 mesh1,500lbsbulk
1210Extreme Pressure Concentrated LubricantOilfield, industrial/metal working, lubricant concentrate, blend of fatty acid, paraffins, and esters71,000lbsbulk
1211Petroleum CokePetroleum Coke 20-80 mesh38,400lbsbulk
1222GraphiteCummings Moore - Dry Lubricant, -30 Mesh46,950lbsbulk
1227Magma Fiber CoarseAcid soluble LCM additive80lbs30 lb bags
1228Cottonseed HullsAgriculture feed fiber source, soil conditioner, and oilfield LCM169lbsbulk
1238Cottonseed OilMetal working/lubricant additive12,000lbsbulk
1261Pecan Pith Fiber FineDry additive122,000lbsbulk
1268Walnut ShellAg byproduct, 20-40 mesh16,000lbs50 lb bag
1271GraphiteSouthwestern Graphite - Dry lubricant, 40-200 Mesh21,000lbsbulk
1273Glycol Ether EBIndustrial solvent6each55 gal drums
1280MN84-100 Mesh Diatomaceous Earth5,000lbsbulk
1281Pecan Shell Fine-20 Mesh24,000lbs50 lb bags
1288Ashland Natrosol 250MMR (HEC)Hi-viscosity cement grade hydroxyethyl cellulose42each50 lb bags
1290Elco 2556Sulfurized Lard Oil - lubricant aditive7,000lbsbulk
1291Pecan Shell Medium-10 Mesh5,000lbs50 lb bags
1354Pecan Shell Coarse10-20 Mesh23,365lbs50 lb bags
1371Jet Foam 35Foaming agent for aqueous fluids41each275 gal totes
1379Xanthan Gum 20ND20 minimum 3 rpm non-dispersible grade xanthan gum60,000lbs25 kg bags
1389Xanthan Gum 20D20 minimum 3 rpm dispersible grade xanthan gum110,000lbs25 kg bags
1398Walnut ShellAg byproduct, 35-60 mesh67,000lbs50 lb bag
1430Peanut Shell FineDry additive16,000lbsbulk
1432Claytone ERPremium amine treated bentonite for mineral oil54each55 lb bags
2186Ceramic Beads30-60 Mesh, Crush Strength >10,000 psi656each50 lb bags
22423.5 pound per gallon liquid xanthan3.5 PPG liquid xanthan for suspension of solids in aqueous fluids11each330 ga totes
226135% Liquid HECAshland Natrosol 210HHR HEC Slurry in high flash mineral oil (35% active solid suspension)4.5each275 gal totes
23113.0 pound per gallon liquid Xanthan3.0 PPG liquid xanthan for suspension of solids in aqueous fluid22.6each275 gal totes
23113.0 pound per gallon liquid Xanthan3.0 PPG liquid xanthan for suspension of solids in aqueous fluid5each330 gal totes
231240% Liquid Cement Grade HECAshland Natrosol 250MMR HEC slurry in high flash mineral oil (40% active solid suspension)5.9each275 gal totes
14400Bentone 990Amine treated bentonite for use in non-aqueous fluids240each50 lb bags
14450VG Plus ClayOrgano clay for mineral oil based systems13,250lbs50 lb bags
14463Sodium SulfiteOxygen scavenger concentrate (High calcium brine)8,300lbsbulk
14483Ethylene GlycolAntifreeze/industrial solvent21each330 gal totes
14492High Flash Point Distillate>200 °F flash point distillate for OBM and diluent565,000lbsbulk
14510Caustic SodaSodium hydroxide6,000lbs50 lb bags
20017Divinyl Styrene Copolymer Beads20-800 micron (blend)673each50 lb bags
20020Glycol BottomsPolyglycol mixture for defoamer or shale stabilizer130each55 gal drums
20038Xanthan Gum 15D15 minimum 3 rpm dispersible grade xanthan gum160each25 lb bags
1269 & 1356Walnut ShellAg byproduct, 12-20 mesh40,000lbs50 lb bags

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