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Chemical Warehousing and Storage

The Chemjet facilities include storage tanks of varying sizes, as well as over 700,000 square feet of warehouse space, available for clients. Chemjet can manufacture, package, store, sell and distribute your products from large bulk, IBC, supersack, drum, bag and pail quantities. Talk to us about your requirements. We can provide the solution you need.

Storage Tanks

All storage tanks have a dedicated flow line that is routed to the blend room as well as having the option of filling or discharging from the tank itself. Several larger tanks are available for monthly contract lease.

Liquid Tote Tanks

Chemjet has many DOT approved, multi-use Liquid Tote Tanks available for short-term or long-term lease. Tank sizes and construction include; 550 Gallon, 350 Gallon, and 330 Gallon Stainless Steel, and HDPE Construction.


Chemjet will handle the logistics of inbound and outbound freight, storage and inventory control for our customers. Our experienced logistics team will take care of the complicated and stressful parts of logistics for you.

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