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Chemjet has a solution for your toll blending and private labeling needs. Our customers continue to rely on our incredibly reliable service because we know the logistics from start to finish.

Over 100,000,000 lb. annual capacity.

20 blending/mixing tanks: From preparing quart-sized samples in our lab to producing batches up to 18,500 gallons each in Stainless Steel, High Shear Tanks.

Liquids and powders/dry products: Acid, Alkaline, Neutral, Water, Solvents, Oil Based Blends, to name a few.

Bulk Raw Material Storage: We store numerous raw materials in bulk storage in efforts to secure the lowest cost with our buying power.

Bulk Finished Material Storage: We have the capacity to store your finished products in bulk quantities.

Large Warehousing Capacity: For immediate shipment of your specialty materials.

Packaging: From large bulk quantities, various sized IBC’s, supersacks, drums, bags and pails.

Custom Labeling, Blind Shipments and Data Sheets: Your own logo and company information. All part of our value-added toll blending and packaging service.

Immediate 24 Hour Service: We understand how critical your business is, so we also have the capability to respond with same day hot rush delivery services.

Logistics: With our own team of drivers and assets, we have the ability to ship your products any time of the day, wherever you need them.

Direct Shipping: To improve flexibility and delivery times, we can also ship direct to your customer(s) using blind shipping manifests.

Confidentiality: We will keep your proprietary information in strict confidence. With our on-staff legal team, we have the ability to initiate agreements quickly.

Technical Support: Whether it is your formulation(s) or ours, Chemjet will provide it’s customers with the support that they require.

For Any Drilling Application Solution ... We Are Available For You