Chemjet – Wholesale Manufacturer of Oil & Gas Chemical Products
  • About Chemject International, Inc.

  • Chemjet is a wholesale manufacturer of drilling fluid chemicals, additives, specially-formulated lubricants and dry products for all types of drilling fluid systems. Chemjet offers solutions and solves problems chemically for the drilling fluids industry. Chemjet also offers a complete line of lost circulation materials and specializes in the custom grinding, sizing, and bagging to meet your specification.

Blending Capabilities

With over 20 unique blending/mixing tanks, including multiple high shear blending turbines with patented technology, Chemjet blends both dry and liquid products with a wide range of viscosities, as well as alkaline, neutral or acidic powdered products.

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Warehousing and Storage

The Chemjet facilities include storage tanks of varying sizes, as well as over 700,000 square feet of warehouse space, available for clients.

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Laboratory Services

Providing customers with blends customized to their specific needs including new product development upon request. These may include screening specifications, blending and packaging.

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We are considered your one-stop-shop for all of your Logistics needs. We provide superior service to all of our customers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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Mobile Mud Plants & Turbine Shear Mixers

Let the Chemjet Team help you with our own high shear patented turbine mixing technology!

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Toll Blending & Private Labeling

Chemjet has a solution for your toll blending and private labelling needs. Our customers continue to rely on our incredibly reliable service because we know the logistics from start to finish.

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Specialists in Chemical Applications for the Oil and Gas Industry

Chemjet offers a complete line of products and services in order to provide turn-key solutions for our customers.

"Chemjet is always responsive, not only answering any questions that we might have but going well beyond the question/s to make sure we’re satisfied. You're on top of everything you do; you measure everything and strive to improve where needed"

"Every department of Chemjet always goes above and beyond, to support every need we have"

    For Any Drilling Application Solution ... We Are Available For You